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May 05 2015

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May 02 2015

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A black flamingo, seen at the salt lake at the Akrotiri Environmental Centre on the southern coast of Cyprus. This black flamingo is one in several million—and perhaps, the only one in the world. The bird’s black feathers are a result of melanism, a genetic condition that produces too much of the pigment “melanin,” turning the otherwise pink plumes black during development.

Photo credit: Marinos Meletiou/Reuters

April 29 2015

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baza pomysłów na hasła do portali społecznościowych została zaktualizowana
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April 24 2015

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April 23 2015

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April 21 2015

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April 08 2015

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gorączka przedmaturalna, czyli krótki poradnik jak zestresować jeszcze bardziej biedne młode pokolenie przyszłych doktoruf
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March 18 2015

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March 11 2015

Covalent Bond
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March 05 2015

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February 14 2015

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February 11 2015

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February 10 2015

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February 07 2015

Tam, gdzie przywykliśmy widzieć śmierć, panuje życie.
— Ludwik Pasteur
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February 06 2015

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February 03 2015

First Ever Man Made Leaf
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February 01 2015

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January 30 2015

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Table lamp made with authentic animal x-rays

Photo credit: Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities

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